Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can You Trust TripAdvisor Reviews?


On the one hand, I have posted reviews to TripAdvisor. I have also used TripAdvisor reviews to help me pick out a hotel.

On the other hand, I belong to a freelance writing site and recently saw this ad:

We need an experienced Writer to write reviews for hotels on tripadvisor and other booking sites (like booking(dot)com, hotels(dot)com) and others. We need 10-30 reviews per week.

I have also personally received an email asking me to write positive hotel reviews ... for properties I never heard of, let alone visited.

So how to you separate the wheat from the chaff?

I found an excellent article dealing with this subject at USAToday travel.

Some hints:
Beware of a reviewer that has only one review.

Beware of a ton of reviews for a small hotel with just a couple of rooms.

Beware of the glowing review and the absolutely horrible review. Either way, is the reviewer specific? If no, the reviewer probably never visited the property. If yes, then this might be an accurate review.

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