Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Long Term Stay in Calgary

I recently wrote in this blog about Calgary Hockey and the Teddy Bear Toss. After writing the post, I started to think about Calgary as a vacation destination and Calgary apartments to rent. As I get older, I find that staying one or two nights at a hotel as I move from place to place isn’t really for me anymore. I recently did a bunch of those on a trip to the Southwest and it is exhausting. So I started to think about long term stays and a totally different environment from the Southwest and that got me thinking about Calgary.

Of course there are plenty of first class hotels in Calgary but if I’m going to visit an area for any length of time, I’d like to make myself really comfortable in my own space. I did some research and renting looks like a great option.

Besides exploring the city, Calgary is just a short drive from the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. With loads of vacation opportunities for both summer and winter, renting an apartment in Calgary makes sense for a long term visit for any time of the year.

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