Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Expensive Lifestyle

Contributed by Milford Woods

We are definitely a family that likes to spend. We love good food, which means we eat out a lot, and we really like to try new places. One of our other big expenses is travel. Whenever we have spare time we try to get away for an adventure at least for a few days. It gives us something to look forward to and is also a great stress reliever. They way we look at it is that we might as well enjoy ourselves while we still can. We won’t be able to take our money with us when we die, so we might as well spend it on things we enjoy. The only problem is that in order to afford all of this fun stuff we love, we’ve had to cut our budget in other areas. I heard from a friend that we could save on our energy bills here in Amarillo so I searched Amarillo Texas Energy Deals to see what I could come up with. We found a great deal and have been able to take the savings and put it towards another trip we want to take. There is nothing more satisfying than saving and putting it towards another adventure!

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