Monday, February 20, 2012

Easy to Remember Online Security Answers

Friend of mine was in Australia and went to get onto her gmail account. Gmail asked for the answers to her security questions because she was signing on from a different country. She appreciated the added security and had no problem accessing her account.

But how many of us remember the answers to our security questions. I was born in New York City. I never remember if I answer the question Where Were You Born as New York, New York City or NYC. So I ran into problems a few times until I was casually speaking with a representative of my credit union.

She said (duh!) it doesn't matter what I give as the answers to my three security questions. The only point is that if I am asked for the answers, I enter the same text as I entered when first setting it up. In fact, the answers to all three questions could be the same word(s).

I have now chosen one easy-to-remember word. It is the answer to all of my security questions. Not very secure? I guess. But at least this way I know I can get into an account if/when I have to.

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