Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The penny-pincher’s guide to taking a holiday

A wonderful holiday can happen without spending a fortune. Even though the cost of living is higher today, an individual can still get away and enjoy a break from their daily routine. With a few tips, a holiday will not be too expensive.

The economy has people searching for new and cheaper ways to travel to take a holiday.
Cheap flights can help a penny-pincher find an economical flight to travel to almost any destination, or someone can choose to holiday closer to home making travel expenses cost even less. Day trips to nearby attractions can save on lodging and fuel. The trip will still give someone a chance to get away from daily life for a short time. However, if someone decides to make it a longer holiday, he or she can seek inexpensive lodging to stay on a budget.

Food is one of the most expensive items on a holiday, but there are ways to save and still enjoy the food. If the lodging offers a way to prepare meals, then buy some food and cook it there. Eat out for some of the meals and cook the rest. Some lodgings will have refrigerators to store the food. Sandwiches are great picnic food items to take to a beach or hike instead of dining out.

Another expense is the entertainment or activities. Find deals for the attractions or choose places to visit that are free such as some museums or parks. Taking hikes, going fishing, swimming at a beach or a pool are all activities that can be done for very little cost. Entertainment does not have to be expensive to be fun.

Holidays can be cheaper at certain times of the year. Save by going during the slow season to get discounts on flights, lodging and entertainment.

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