Sunday, May 20, 2012

Overcrowded Cruise Ports

If you are doing a land tour and will be visiting a popular cruise stop, you may adjust your itinerary so that you are not visiting that city/town when there are several cruise ships in port.

The site Cruise TT can provide some information. Scroll down to the country, click on the city, and then click on the month and year to find out what ships are scheduled to dock.

Dubrovnik's Port Authority now lists the schedule on its web site. The link is here. Next choose the month (1 through 12) and then click on "Prikaz Izvjesca." Because of its small size and stone walls, Dubrovnik can easily be overwhelmed when several ships are in port.

Several other ports that are easily overwhelmed by cruise passengers are Venice, Italy, Rhodes, Greece and Barcelona, Spain.

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