Thursday, July 12, 2012

Buying Property in Europe - Monaco

Whether it’s for a vacation home or a permanent relocation, many people look abroad. Known for its famous casino, Formula 1 racing and being tax-free, the Principality of Monaco – the second smallest country in the world – also has some of the world’s most fabulous beaches.

If you are looking to buy property near a world-class beach, then Monaco should definitely be on your list of countries to check out. Along the coastline you’ll find fantastic beaches of all sizes and shapes. If you are looking for Monaco properties and easy beach access is important to you, this information on two of the great Monaco beaches may be helpful to you.

Want to be on the most famous stretch of beach in Monaco? Then you want to be near Lavortto Beach, located between the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel and Grimaldi Forum. True, some of the beach has tiny pebbles instead of stand, and a good portion of it is private, there is still tons of it left over for the public. This beach is cleaned every day and you’ll find some excellent restaurants and bars there.

Next door is the Monte Carlo Beach, which is private. Not only does it have a great beach but it also has a salt-water pool. If you know someone who is staying there, you might be able to get a peek at the private beach.

Whether you are looking generally for apartments in Monaco or, specifically properties for sale Monte Carlo remember that one important feature will be location, location, location.

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