Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visiting the French Riviera

The French Riviera has long been a very popular destination. Travel to the area started around the late nineteenth century and it still continues to attract visitors of all ages, all the way from the very wealthy who take advantage of French Riviera villa rental to students who are backpacking across Europe.

Many of the names of the towns and villages along the French Riviera are familiar to most people. Cannes is where the International Film Festival is held every spring. The small old port is the heart of the city where you will see some yachts that appear as big as some cruise ships.

Monte Carlo is a small picturesque town with beautiful gardens. It is popular with racing fans as the Formula One motor race runs right through the city streets. And Monte Carlo is the place for gambling that is very different from what you’ll find in Las Vegas—it is quiet and subdued.

Nice is known for the beautiful water, shopping, great restaurants and architecture including ancient Roman ruins and the Russian Cathedral.

There are many additional attractions along the coastline. Of course there are the beaches, boardwalks and waterfronts. There are also excellent museums, world famous festivals, fishing, diving, golf courses and wineries. The French Riviera is a great destination for an extended visit, looking into villa rentals South of France, and using that as a base for day car trips. A wide selection of luxury villas in South of France can be rented, whether you want to stay in a waterfront proper, a country manor or an authentic stone farmhouse.

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