Friday, October 19, 2012

Planning on Tobogganing in Switzerland?

Switzerland's Preda-Bergun toboggan run is the longest in Europe that is illuminated for nighttime use. You can sled on it until 11:30 p.m. The 6-kilometer course (around 3.7 miles) begins in Preda and drops 400 meters (1,300 feet). The average run time is half an hour -- although the record is only five minutes.

Visitors take a narrow-guage train from Bergun to reach the head of the run in Preda. A single run ticket costs CHF 13 (around $13) for an adult and CHF6.6 for a child aged 12 to 17. A half day ticket costs CHF26 for an adult with a full day ticket costing CHF36.

From Bergun, more daring sledders can take a chairlift to the head of the 4-kilometer Darlux-Bergun run, which drops 576 meters, has many tight turns and is only open during daylight hours. A single run is CHF for an adult and CHF11 for a child.

The runs are open mid-December to mid-March and closed December 24 and 31. If you don't have your own sled, you can rent one for CHF8 to CHF30.

For more information, contact Bergun Filisur Tourismus.

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