Monday, November 26, 2012

Hints To Buying European Train Tickets

I've got a pretty long post over at my other travel blog ... If you'll be traveling to Europe and plan on going from country to country by train, you may find the post very helpful.

Buying European Train Tickets Online



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Lost? Try One of These iPhone Apps

Check out this article posted on Summer Nanny

There are a lot of free apps to help you find your way.

10 iPhone Apps That Can Help You When You’re Lost

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Peru Trekking Pole Regulations

Friend of mine is heading to Peru next month. Her itinerary will take her to the Amazon (our trip got her initial interest up) and Machu Picchu. She's been in touch with her tour company about trekking poles to use when in Machu Picchu.

Here is the reply:

Previously plastic and wooden tips were allowed but the rules have now been
changed. No poles or sticks are allowed unless you need them for a genuine
medical reason. 

This applies to both  Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman in Cusco.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Germs, Germs and MORE Germs!

Trying to stay healthy while traveling? Of course.

Then be aware of these very germ-y places:

Hotel room TV remote - Who cleans them? No one, unless you do with an antiseptic wipe

Airplane bathroom

Airplane tray tables - Grab those wipes again!

Water fountains - If you must use a public fountain, only let the water touch your mouth. Then be sure to clean your hands.

Airplane blankets and pillows - You don't really think they are cleaned between passengers, do you?

Hotel bedspreads - Strip it off the bed and throw it on the floor. Use only the clean sheets that are changed between guests.

Airplane seat pockets - Think of it as a public trashcan. So you really want to store your items there?

Hotel light switches - Doesn't everyone entering a hotel room touch the light switch? Another place for those antiseptic wipes.

Airport touch screens - Did you use the kiosk to check in for your flight? Pull out those wipes again.

Cruise ship handrails - Many travelers have read about viruses on board cruise ships. While railings are cleaned regularly, they are not, of course, cleaned in between each passenger use. Actually, you should thoroughly clean your hands after using any kind of handrail.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Check Transporation Safety

Third world countries have their own methods of travel, whether it is a taxi or an airline. But not all of them adhere to the same safety standards you will find in the U.S. So be sure to check out a company's safety record before booking your air or train ticket.

In a search engine type in "crash" or "safety record" and the name of the company you are considering using. It might make you change your mind about your mode of transportation.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trip Planning Mistake - Going Nuts Over a Deal

Be careful about buying discounted passes or tickets unless you really know you are going to use them. Before we left home, I almost bought a pass to use on public transportation in Venice. Good thing I didn’t. We managed to do what we wanted to do on the waterways with a 36-hour pass bought right at the vaporetto ticket booth – a much less expensive option. Just because something is a great deal – and it may truly be – it isn’t worth buying if you won’t use it or it blows your budget. Maybe staying at the Ritz for $325 per night at Tyson’s Corners, VA is a real deal but is it worth paying that when you can get everything you need at another hotel for $150 per night?

Car Accident? Avoid Identity Theft

Typically the right thing to do when in a car accident is share information with the other driver -- driver's license number and insurance company information.

DON'T, however, let the other driver take a picture of your driver's license. It can be used as a way to steal your identity.

Also, if the other driver does not have a driver's license, do not give him or her your information.

Protect yourself!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trip Planning Mistake - Booking At Only One Site

Used to be you could walk into a travel agency, or call your friendly agent on the phone, and book your whole trip and you’re done. Not any more. The Internet provides, literally, hundreds if not thousands of sites that you can use to book air, hotel, resort packages, car rental and more. Each of those sites, of course, will tell you that it offers the absolute best deal. Unless you’ve already done some research, and you know that $400 roundtrip fare from LAX to Madrid, in the middle of the summer, is a once-only-chance fare, keep shopping. Use sites like to do the work of checking fares at multiple airlines. Use sites like Priceline to save on hotels and car rentals. Hotel discounts can be found at sites like And be sure to check with your hotel directly before booking. If you can provide documentation of a rate being displayed at a discount site, some hotels will match it and let you book directly with them – a great option if you are a member of the hotel’s affinity program.