Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trip Planning Mistake - Booking At Only One Site

Used to be you could walk into a travel agency, or call your friendly agent on the phone, and book your whole trip and you’re done. Not any more. The Internet provides, literally, hundreds if not thousands of sites that you can use to book air, hotel, resort packages, car rental and more. Each of those sites, of course, will tell you that it offers the absolute best deal. Unless you’ve already done some research, and you know that $400 roundtrip fare from LAX to Madrid, in the middle of the summer, is a once-only-chance fare, keep shopping. Use sites like to do the work of checking fares at multiple airlines. Use sites like Priceline to save on hotels and car rentals. Hotel discounts can be found at sites like And be sure to check with your hotel directly before booking. If you can provide documentation of a rate being displayed at a discount site, some hotels will match it and let you book directly with them – a great option if you are a member of the hotel’s affinity program.

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