Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christian Home Exchange

Home exchange is nothing new. There are lots of good reasons for doing a home exchange. It is a great way to stretch your vacation dollar. You stay in a home free while the homeowner you are swapping with stays free at your home. You have all the conveniences of a home while away including a full kitchen, laundry facilities and lots of room for all family members. There are neighbors to provide assistance if you should need it or to simply ask for a restaurant recommendation. Additionally, your own home is not left empty ... you know someone is there taking care of things just as you are doing for the homeowner you are swapping with.

What I found new-to-me is Christian Home Exchange, a service provided by St. Hans Ministry Exchange, Inc. A non-profit organization, the exchange works with Christians around the world for ministry exchanges and home swaps. Whether the purpose of the swap is for study or a retreat, or simply an opportunity to get away from the every day, the service provides assistance for exchanges among like-minded individuals. All members of the exchange know that they will be sharing in their common faith during the house exchange.

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