Saturday, June 22, 2013

UMT International

As my readers know, I try to find the unusual to present here. Whether it is tidbits about cities celebrating centennials or warnings about travel delays, I try to post information about something that might not be obvious elsewhere.

This time I found UMT International, a company that makes after market accessories for boats such as boarding ladders, t-tops, dive tank brackets, deck showers and bow seats. Their facility is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Anyway, looking at this site was a learning experience. I love to be on the water but have never owned any kind of boat. (Does my husband's canoe count? LOL) I never realized what is involved in having a boat in terms of the decisions that need to be made about what kind of this item or that item I may want.

For instance, would I want boarding stairs that are heavy duty or lightweight? Would I want them side accommodating or as a boarding ladder?

I can see where if I was ever fortunate enough to have a boat of my own, and needed some after market accessories, that it would be important to work with a company that had a lot of experience along with quality options.

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