Thursday, October 29, 2015

Electrical Outlets in Switzerland

If you are traveling to Switzerland, invest in an outlet adapter like this one:

In all of the hotels that we stayed at, the outlet recepticle was recessed. What you see in the photo is a screw (top) and 3 round holes. While we did have two prong adapters with us, none of them had prongs long enough to fit snugly into the recessed outlet. The plastic housing around our adapters were too wide to allow the prongs to go fully into the electrical outlet.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Taking the Train to Zurich in Switzerland

We stayed in a hotel (the Movenpick Airport - a typical business class hotel - nothing special one way or the other) just outside of Zurich. Plan was to take the train or tram into Zurich for the day.

The concierge at the hotel suggested the train as it is much faster. So we did that. The only problem we had at the automatic ticket machine was not knowing the correct name for the station we wanted. Fortunately we got help from another traveler and the correct selection is Zurich HB.

In retrospect, though, since we were touring, we should have gotten an all day tram ticket. Both tram and train stations were at different ends of the same platform. A bit more expensive but with a tram ticket we could have ridden trams all day all over the city.