Friday, January 15, 2016

Enjoy Cultural Experiences at the Kyoto Ritz-Carlton

Several cultural experiences are available to guests of the Kyoto Ritz-Carlton. They include the:

Samurai Experience: learn techniques using real swords and in traditional costume, Tuesday and Thursday

Sushi Masterclass: make maki rolls with chef Masahiko Miura, second Sunday of the month

Japanese Sweets: learn out to make traditional wagashi sweets, first and third Sunday

Sake Tasting: sample various sakes and learn about the brewing process, fourth Sunday

Soap Making: Try soap-making at Shabon-ya, Kyoto’s famous purveyors of natural, organic soap.

Once you have your hotel reservation, you can contact the hotel to book your learning experience. Charges for most experiences although some, like the soap making, is free.

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