Monday, June 13, 2016

Tourist Killings and Kidnappings

As terrorism around the globe increases, with tourists some times caught in the crossfire, it is even worse, in my opinion, when it happens by a country's military. This is exactly the case when some tourists from Mexico were killed by the Egyptian military in the Wahat are of the Western Desert. This area is near Libya where the Egypt has been struggling to control terrorist groups along the border. The military claimed the group wandered into a restricted zone and were mistaken for a terrorist group. But the head of the Egyptian Union of Tour Guides reported that the group not only was licensed to travel there, but they also had a police escort.

The southern islands of the Philippines is another dangerous area. It is not uncommon for Muslin militant groups to kidnap tourists to this area. In September 2015, two Canadian tourists, a resort manager and a Filipino woman were kidnapped from the Holiday Oceanview resort in Samal. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

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