Thursday, June 9, 2016

Using ATMs in Europe

There is no shortage of ATMs in Europe. But you need to be careful which ones you use or it will end up costing you. For instance, some charge an extra fee. Some, like the ones from Euronet, give a horrible exchange rate.

So how do you know which ones are good to use and which ones aren't. Some times you won't know until you start the transaction.

For those that charge a fee, the screen will tell you how much the fee is. I recently had an ATM tell me the fee was 5 Euros. No thank you! I cancelled that transaction. Some ATMs, like the Euronet ones, will tell you how much the Euros will cost you in U.S. dollars. When that happens, cancel the transaction. The exchange rate is lousy.

What you want is an ATM with a seamless transaction just like the one you use at home. And once you find one that works for you like that, simply use ATMs from the same bank whenever you need more cash. We recently spent 3 1/2 weeks in Spain and I used the same bank ATM multiple times and it was easy and perfect.

BTW, I've never had a problem with a transaction that I've cancelled.

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