Monday, June 25, 2012

Keeping Food Costs Low When Traveling Internationally

Start by staying at a lodging that includes breakfast. Be sure to eat hearty so you can get by with a light -- and inexpensive -- lunch.

Buy sandwiches at the local deli or supermarket. Or the classic bread, cheese and wine.

Look for restaurants offering a "plate" or "menu" of the day which are typically cheaper than other menu items.

If the restaurant has a counter or tall tables, eating standing up is cheaper than eating sitting down.

Check the menu if you want to eat outside. In Lisbon we discovered (fortunately not too late) that it was more expensive to eat outside.

If food or water is placed on the table without your ordering it, be sure to ask if there is a charge before touching it. Americans, used to having bread placed on the table, typically dig right in, only to discover the bread is not free. If you don't want the item, politely ask the waiter to take it away.

Check the menu to determine if tax and/or tip is included or if they will automatically be added to the bill. In Iceland, both tax and tip are included in the menu price. Nice!

Stay young and eat at a university cafeteria. This is also an opportunity to have some interesting conversations.

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