Saturday, July 27, 2013

White Nights Worldwide

In 2013, 23 cities worldwide each will hold a "White Night," an all-night celebration of free art, music, theater and other festivities such as fireworks. Paris' Nuit Blanche, in 2002, was the first such event. Each city chooses an overall theme for the evening. Restaurants, museums and stops stay open late and museum admission often is free. 

This year's events began January 28 in Bologna, Italy. Melbourne hosted Australia's first White Night even on February 23. The majority take place in countries in the fall, including Singapore (Sept 24, 25 and 31) and Jeruselem on October 6, with the final event being help in La Paz, Bolivia, on Oct 26.

For a list of cities hosting White night events and the dates, visit Choose a city from the list and in a search engine type in the city name and White Night 2013.

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