Saturday, June 15, 2013

Airport Removal of Body Scanners

If you've flown since the first of the month, you may have noticed a difference going through security. Congress passed a law -- effective June 1 -- that requires all full-body scanner used in US airports to produce only a generic outline instead of an image of a naked body.

Remember all those complaints about the body scanners being too graphic. Well, if you were one of those complaining, you were right.

There are two manufacturers of body scanners and one of them was not able to meet the June 1 deadline. To compensate, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been removing 250 backscatter x-ray scanner from the 30 airports where they were used and replacing them with millimeter wave scanners.

The TSA currently has 660 millimeter wave scanners and some of them are being transferred from smaller airports to larger ones. Some of the smaller airports will end up going back to using simple metal detectors.

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